Contractor Umbrella Company: Accounting Made Simple

iCalculator and Contractor Umbrella Company

After specific requests for information and accounting services from contractors, iCalculator recommends Contractor Umbrella Company (CUC) as a good solution for contractors who are looking at either an umbrella company or limited company solution for their contract.

CUC is a well established company and has provided limited company accounting and umbrella company payroll solutions since 2010. With advanced yet simple to use online systems you can capture your expenses, track payments and see all your accounting occur via your PC or mobile. CUC also advise on the best way to manage your money and will complete your tax and VAT returns for you. Put simply, CUC will deal with all your accounting, payroll and HMRC obligations so that you can focus on your contract.

As part of our agreement with CUC, iCalculator has negotiated discounts for the contractors who use our website. To access the discounts, simply quote iCalculator when you talk to Contractor Umbrella Company. Alternatively you can send them an email directly from iCalculator using the form at the bottom of this page.

About Contractor Umbrella Company

We are a leading provider of Umbrella and Limited Company solutions to contractors in the UK. Whether contractors opt for an umbrella company or set up their own limited company, our aim is to minimize tax and accounting-related hassles of contractors. Our head office is in Clifton, Bristol, from their we support contractors in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Lancaster, Newcastle, Maidenhead, Bath and beyond.

Well established and respected in industry, we also provide information and guidance across a number of markets including Information Technology (IT) Contracting and Project Management Contracting with featured articles and content on reputable sites like Arras People

Most contractors that choose us do so because of the flexibility we offer:

  • New contractors, testing the water, often use our Umbrella Company service and, as they settle into contracting change to our limited company service which offers higher take home pay though tax efficient accounting.
  • Existing contractors often change to our services because they are dissatisfied with their existing umbrella company. We have a great relationship with our contractors as we focus on the service and our relationship with you throughout your career. CUC is a solid choice which will provide you short and long term compliant, efficient accounting and tax returns.

Our Services

Contractor Umbrella Company - Accounting for contractors and limited company accounting

Our services include the following:

Umbrella Company Contractor Payroll and Accounting

  • Complete professional and legal advice
  • Full "Limited Company" status
  • Full employment rights
  • Invoicing the recruitment agency within deadlines
  • Follow up with the agency for collections of dues
  • Calculation and payment of contractor's income tax and National Insurance
  • Minimizing the contractor's tax liabilities
  • Sending a detailed payslip to the contractor
  • Correspondence with HMRC
  • 24/7 access to an online account
  • Insurance cover included
  • Free customer support

Limited Company Payroll and Accounting

  • Setting up of a Limited Company for free
  • Compliance filing
  • Professional accountancy advice
  • Director's payroll services
  • Filing of VAT returns
  • Staff payroll
  • 24/7 access to online portal
  • Free customer support

Contact Contractors Umbrella Company

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